5 Easy Exercises To Do While Working from Home


If you have kids, a demanding job, or other daily responsibilities, finding time to exercise can be difficult. Even if you’re working from home, the constant distractions and continuous stress can make “exercise” the last thing you want to do.   

That’s why we’ve researched 5 easy exercises that you can do while working from home 


1. Use an Elastic Band 


When we sit at our desks for 8 hours a day, our muscles get stiff and we begin to feel tired and sluggish. Try using an elastic band to work out your muscles in between tasks! This nifty workout tool can help tone your muscles and increase circulation throughout your body. This not only makes you feel better, but also may increase productivity!  


Elastic Band Exercises: 

  • Deadlift:  

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Wrap the elastic band underneath and around both feet. With both hands, grab the top part of your elastic band. Slightly bend your knees and pull back up into standing position. Do this for 5-10 reps. 

Make sure you’re pulling yourself up using your hip muscles, not your back. Imagine your hips as a gear that pulls your body upward.  


  • Standing Obliques: 

Spread your feet somewhat wider than shoulder-width apart. Wrap one side of your elastic band around your left foot, then stand on the other end of the band with your right foot. Bring your arms up and place your hands behind your head. Now, bend your left knee and raise it towards your left elbow. Slowly lower it back down to gain that resistance. Then repeat for 5-10 reps 


2. Lift Weights 


You’ve just finished a major task and have time to take a small break! It’s time to whip out your weights. If you’re new to weightlifting, no worries! Feel free to start out small (2-3lb weights) and increase the heaviness of your weights over time (that is, if you’re hoping to gain more than just toned muscles)! Lift your weights for about 10-15 reps per arm. Gaining that muscle tone is more about consistency than the heaviness of the weight itself. 


3. Practice Good Posture 


Posture is important for everyone, not just for princesses in training!   

In fact, practicing good posture can help strengthen your abdominal muscles! A strong core isn’t just to show off your abs. In fact, your core plays an integral role in balance and your ability to move your arms and legs! A weak core can result in back pain, imbalance, and even increased fatigue. 

Let’s try it! Notice your posture right now. Are you slumped forward in your chair?  

To fix this, sit up straight and push your chest forward. Your shoulders should naturally fall back. Now, make sure your head is not pointing down, but looking straight ahead. Imagine you’re aligning your spine so it’s in a perfect straight line.  

This may require that you adjust the height of your chair or desk. Though it may be an investment, it's a good one to make, so you can prevent back or neck pain in the future. 

So, sit up straight to not only work your core, but also improve your overall health! 


4. Walk off Lunch 


You just finished eating your leftovers for lunch and still have 15 minutes to spare! Take advantage of that extra time and go for a walk. If you’re still digesting, go at a moderate pace. The walk will still be worth it! In fact, multiple studies have shown that walking has numerous health benefits, including lower blood pressure!


5. Offer to Carry Things 


This one not only works your biceps and core muscles, but also improves your relationships! Perhaps your partner just got home from the grocery store. Help bring in the groceries and show them you care! Or maybe your friend is moving to a new place and needs your help moving this weekend. Take them up on the opportunity and get a good workout while helping a friend! 


Exercise can often seem like a chore we’d rather put off until later. Especially during a time when many gyms are closed, getting enough exercise just doesn’t seem like a high priority. However, exercise is necessary not only for our physical wellness, but our mental health as well!  

Hopefully these small, easy tips can help you integrate exercise into your daily routine, so that your body can get the care it truly deserves! 




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