New Year's Resolution Ideas During Covid


After the year we have had, most of us cannot wait for 2021 to get here! Many of us have faced hardships in 2020 we never could have expected, and the anticipation of a long-awaited new year brings us hope. This year, however, we’ll be ringing in midnight a little bit differently- there won’t be big parties or a long night out with friends due to social distancing guidelines. Despite thatit should not stop you from holding onto the excitement, ambition, and joy that a new year brings! 

The most common New Year's Resolutions each year revolve around bettering ourselves- whether that be physically, mentally, career-wise or in relationships. Many aim to get in shape, work on their finances and quit bad habits. All of which are great! But, what do you aim for when the gyms are closed? What do you do when you are working from home without a big office to organizeYou can still better yourself from the comfort of your own home! Read on to get inspired by six New Year’s resolution ideas for Covid-times. 


1. Be a Better Friend 


Quarantine and social distancing have been a difficult adjustment for even the most introverted of people, not to mention the extroverts and social butterflies! Human beings need contact with others for their mental and physical healthLucky for us, we live in a society that has made it easier than ever to communicate with others, even when you’re miles apart!  

Make sure that you are being the best friend possible by checking in on those that you care about more often. Set a realistic goal for yourself, whether that be one FaceTime call per week or a couple “Thinking of you, I miss you!” texts per week to let your friends know that you haven’t forgotten about them during the craziness of life. It will mean more than you know to be reminded that someone cares about them! 


2. Give Back 


People are in need now more than ever before. With unemployment and homelessness rates at record highs, caring for others has never been more important. Figure out what works best for you- if you are fortunate enough to be able to donate financially, find a charity that is close to your heart and make a goal of donating a certain amount each month. It could be $5 or $500! Whatever you can give will be appreciated.  

If you are more hands-on or don’t have the funds to give monetarily, give your time! Sign up to mentor a child through Zoom, collect no-longer-needed clothes from your family and friends to donate to a shelter, the options are endless! It will benefit your community, but it will benefit your heart even more. 

You could also choose to buy from brands that are dedicated to giving back. Here at TruLyfe, we partner with Vitamin Angels to provide nutrients to the most at-risk communities. For every bottle of TruLyfe supplements bought, our 1-for-1 partnership provides life-changing vitamins to mothers and children in need around the world. This year, make the commitment to support companies that do good, because what’s better than caring for others just by caring for yourself? 


3. Exercise 


This year has shown us that our health and taking care of ourselves should be our number one priority. While you may not be able to hit the gym, create a gym for yourself! Grab a yoga mat and a couple of weights, and you are good to go! Most gyms and exercise classes have created online sessions to practice with. There are also a ton of influencers on YouTube and Instagram who have shared their fitness routines that you can follow along with! Some of our favorites are: @paradisefitnesswithcarly@chloe_t and @madfit.ig 

Or, get outside- go for a run or a walk and get some fresh air. Taking care of your body can be done from anywhere, no gym necessary! Create a realistic workout schedule that you are confident that you can stick to- you'll be more likely to stick with it throughout the entire year. 


4. Speak Up


2020 had many downs, but one of the ups has been witnessing the social movements that have empowered so many people. In a scary and uncertain time, people have come together to work to make this world and society better. What cause do you feel strongly for? Is it protecting the environment? Human rights? Animal cruelty? You don’t have to physically attend rallies, marches and protests to be involved. Share on social media, write to your representatives, educate your family and friends during conversations. Figure out what you are passionate about and make it your goal this year to do your part to move the cause forward by using your voice. 


5. Learn a New Hobby


Have an activity that you’ve always wanted to try but never found the time? Now is the time to take it on! Thanks to modern technology, there are many ways to learn a new skill or hobby from the comfort of your own home. Look up tutorials, find an online class or read a blog- you can access thousands of experts through the internet that will be your own, personal teacher. Make it your goal to find a source that you like and practice once (or twice, or three times!) per week. You will be so proud of yourself in the end for picking up something new. 


6. Practice Gratitude 


In 2021, make it your goal to remind yourself to be thankful for all that you have in life. Expressing appreciation for our blessings automatically improves our mood and creates a more positive mindset. If you want to practice alone, start by keeping a gratitude journal. Each day, aim to write three things that you are grateful for. These points can be as simple as “I am thankful for the sunshine!”  

If you live with others, make it a goal to go around the table before dinner and say one thing you were grateful for that day. Appreciate the small things, it will make a big change! 


We want to know what your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions are! Tag us on Instagram at @liveTruLyfe and share your ideas!