Date Ideas for a Quarantine Valentine's Day


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day will feel a bit different this year.   

Finding a fun and safe way to spend V-day with your partner can feel challenging, especially if you don’t live together. Even for couples who do cohabitate, a date indoors can feel almost routine.  

Isolation has also caused many people to feel depressed and anxious. If you dislike being single on Valentine’s Day, the added feeling of isolation might make things worse!  

But don’t worry! We’re here to help!  

We’ve created 10 unique ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day, either virtually or in-person!  


Virtual Valentine Ideas  

1. Cook Dinner Together via Video Call  


Choose the same recipe and compete to see who can make the better dish! Or, if you’re not the competitive type, simply enjoy sharing this unique experience with the one you love.   

Now that you’ve made your meal, sit down together for a romantic dinner date! Find a desk or table in your house and decorate it with lit candles and flowers to set the mood. Also, make sure to dress up before cooking and wear an apron to keep your nice clothes safe from cooking mishaps.   

This is a wonderful way to continue sharing experiences with your partner! No matter if you’re together or apart!  


2. Play Online Games Together 


If you don’t live with your partner, it’s important that you continue to DO things together. Though talking helps create connection, there might come a point where you run out of things to say.  

Co-op games (a.k.a cooperative games) are a great way to share new experiences with your partner! They also reveal how well you work as a team to overcome obstacles and solve problems together. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer, with some games also available on gaming consoles. Download the game database application, Steam, to play these fun and interactive games:  

  • Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time  

Travel through beautiful galaxies in a bright neon battleship! Rescue kidnapped space bunnies to defeat the evil force known as Anti-Love!   

Build your teamwork as you take turns shooting lasers at adorable space monsters, protecting your ship with shields, and steering your spaceship through asteroid belts!  

  • Stardew Valley  

Relax and decompress as you and your partner live a simple life out in the countryside! Create your own customer characters and enjoy fun activities, such as: harvesting crops, fishing, mining, caring for livestock, and building relationships with your neighbors!   

With simple mechanics and a wholesome story line, this game is great for first-time gamers!  

 3. Send a Care Package  


So, you have plans for Valentine’s Day, but what about a gift?   

A care package is a thoughtful way to show someone you care! Though vendors sell care packages online, we recommend you create one yourself!  

Follow a theme, such as your partner’s favorite food! Or just include anything your partner might like. For example, their favorite snacks, fan merchandise, or even handmade gifts! Use your artistic hobby, such as knitting, drawing, or painting!   

 4. Binge Movies & TV Shows Together 


If you’re in the mood for a chill Valentine’s Day, this option is for you!   

Host a “Watch Party” from any one of your streaming services, for example, Netflix Party or Hulu Watch Party. Then, open a video call in the background so you can see each other’s faces! This will make you feel closer to each other and the experience more immersive. 

In-Person Valentine’s Day Ideas  


1. Enjoy a Sunset Picnic  


It might sound cliché, but watching the sunset with your one and only is a truly romantic and relaxing experience. Where’s a good place to watch a sunset, you may be asking?  

First, determine which direction the sun sets according to where you live. Then, look for community parks or open flat land without buildings to obstruct your view.   

Live in a city? A great place for city dwellers to enjoy a beautiful sunset are high-rise parking garages! Just make sure to get there early and leave once the sun has set!  

You can cook a delicious meal to pack or support your local businesses by ordering takeout! Who doesn’t want a nice view with their meal?  


2. Recreate Your First Date  


Feel that spark again! With a few modifications, this is a great way to ignite your romance, even from home!  

If you met at a restaurant, have one of you order takeout while the other decorates your dining room table. Invest in cloth napkins, a candle, and some flowers to enhance the fantasy!  

Once the food has arrived, transfer it to fine dining plates. Dress up in the same clothes you wore on your first date. How can you not fall in love all over again?  


3. Take a Small Trip 


If done safely, taking a day trip to the beach or neighboring town can be a great way to reconnect with your partner!   

Try to make plans for outdoor activities. This can be as simple as window-shopping or as adventurous as water skiing! Research popular restaurants in the area and order takeout. Then, drive to the nearest vista point, beach, or community park to have yourself a scenic picnic.   

Being outside somewhere new will be a much-needed escape for you and your partner.  


4. Go Stargazing  


You can dress this one up or down! Pitch a tent in the backyard and create a DIY fire pit for s’mores! Or, you can keep it simple by going for a romantic night walk!   

We recommend putting your phone away for this one. Aside from pointing out constellations, this is a great opportunity to talk to each other. Check in on how each one of you is doing, and then assess how you both are feeling in the relationship.  

We often assume how our partner feels, even though there’s no way for us to read their mind. Peaceful moments like this are perfect for clearing up communication. With less distractions, you can feel more attuned with your partner. 


V-Day for Singles 


If you’re single, spend times with those you love! Love isn’t limited to romantic partners.  

Host a virtual wine night! Invite your closest friends and update each other on how life is going. Love trivia? Hold a virtual trivia night and have fun competing to see who knows the most about pop cultureQuarantine has made us pretty lonely, so quality time with friends will better your mental health!   


In conclusion...  

Your partner will love whatever you put your heart into! As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts!” We hope these ideas gave you some inspiration! 

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