Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Green Friend


Finding the right Christmas gifts for your family, friends, and significant other is hard and stressful enough. Now, add to the mix a friend who is trying to concert to a sustainable lifestyle and you're probably scratching your head thinking, “What on earth do I get for them?!”

No need to stress, we’ve got some fun, eco-friendly gift ideas for every budget. Read on to get inspired to give the perfect green gift!  


Reusable straws: 

Does your pal want to clean up the oceans and save the sea turtles? Reusable straws are an ideal stocking stuffer! Metal straws can get a bad rep because they become as hot, or cold, as the drink that you are drinking. However, these Klean Kanteen sippers have eliminated the problem- with silicon tips to keep the straw room-temperature for your lips!  


The Zero Waste Cookbook: 
Do you know someone who loves to cook, but hates wasting the extra food? The Zero Waste Cookbook is just what they need! This cookbook is the complete guide for making food stretch further in order to reduce your waste. Giovanna Torrico and Amelia Wasilieve cover over 100 simple, waste-less recipes that your chef-friend will love to experiment with in the kitchen! 


Reusable Shopping Bags: 

These totes are the perfect gift for your big city friend. Help them artfully rep their hometown while reducing their plastic waste! From the Southeast to the Pacific Northwest, this artisan-owned company offers the perfect tote for any city-dweller. Support this female-owned business and encourage your giftee’s initiative to kick the plastic bag habit.  




Recycled Bottle Socks: 

Who doesn’t need more socks? These super comfy socks have an added benefit- they are made entirely from recycled plastic! Not only do they come in fun, bright colors, but your friend will appreciate knowing that they are making a difference, from the ground up (pun intended.) Their feet will thank them and so will the planet! 



Yummy Immunity Gummies: 

Give the gift of health! gift of TruLyfe Supplements is a delicious way that you can care for your friend. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable, and our products are made from 100% all-natural, vegetarian ingredients. What says that you care more than providing for someone's health and wellness? 



A Houseplant: 

Did you know that Amazon delivers live plants? Well, they do! Gift your green-thumb guy or gal with a houseplant for Christmas. Pick a snake plant- it is easy to care for and will purify the air in their home! Houseplants offer mental and physical health benefits and it’s a gift that will live on and remind them of you for months (or years!) to come. 




Solar Powered Charger: 

Help your bestie support the green energy movement by giving them the gift of solar! The BigBlue Solar Charger has the ability to charge three devices at once- including your iPhone! The four SunPower solar panels fold up, so they are easily stored in a bag for an on-the-go lifestyle.  



See! There are fun gift options for every personality-type, including your green gals/guys. Let us know which one you choose and show us how much they love it on Instagram @livetrulyfe!