Sleeping Soundly: Our Favorite Apps


What’s better than that feeling of crawling into your warm, soft bed and immediately drifting off to sleep after a long hard workday? NOTHING! Unfortunately, for many of us, that concept is a sweet dream that we just can’t seem to reach. With all the stressors of modern-day life, relaxing and falling asleep has become harder and harder for many people. While there are many methods to help make getting some shuteye more attainable, the answer to your restlessness could potentially lie in your phone!  

While looking at your phone is not beneficial, and blue light exposure can actually prevent you from falling asleep, your phone is capable of creating sounds that can help! Love falling asleep to the melody of the ocean waves or miss those nights when your mom would read you bedtime stories? You can recreate those moments within your own bedroom!  

Here are 4 of our favorite bedtime apps that can drown out the outside noise (or even the noise in your head!) and help you catch those much-needed ZZZs. 


1. Calm 


Calm is a multifaceted app (and a personal favorite!) that can enhance every part of your nighttime ritual. With guided meditation to relax your mind and body before bed, the Calm App offers some great audio guides to help you get started with the practice. Once you’ve actually made it into bed, utilize Calm for its renowned sleep stories (some narrated by celebrities!), soothing bedtime music, and nighttime sounds. Say goodbye to your stressors and hello to your new calming bedtime routine with the Calm App! 


2. Headspace 


Headspace is typically known as a meditation and stress-relief app (which are both important when getting to bed!) but it also has some awesome sleep aids as well. Its bedtime stories, known as sleepcasts,” are 50 minute-long audio experiences that walk you through dreamlike settings and experiences, such as walking through a field of flowers or looking out the window on a stormy night. The great part about Headspace’s bedtime stories? You can personalize the speaker’s voice depending on how loud or soft you want it to be in comparison to the background ambiance! If you’re not into stories, Headspace also offers breathing guides and sleepy-time music to wind down instead. 


3. Relax Melodies 


Relax Melodies was created to help you, well, relax! This sleep app lets you customize your experience by allowing you to combine sounds, melodies, meditations, and brainwave beats to create your perfect sleepy-time soundtrack. You can experiment with different combinations to find your perfect melody, and the options are limitless! You’re sure to find your perfect sleep soundtrack with this app.  


4. Noisli 


Not into the meditations, stories or beats? Noisli is the app for you! This simple app has a plethora of soothing natural soundscapes, such as wind, thunder, white noise and even city streets for our city-dwellers! You can combine the sounds that you love and save them in the app, making it easy to find your favorites over and over again. If the ambiance of your bedroom isn’t enough and you want a natural soundtrack to fall asleep to: Noisli has got you covered. 


Try these apps out and let us know which one helps you sleep best at @livetrulyfe! For more information on all things sleep, check out The Ultimate Sleep Guide.