Reverse Mortgage Certification Counseling

This service is coming soon.

Reverse Mortgages allow a homeowner to convert a portion of the equity in their home into cash. No repayment is required until the borrower(s) no longer use home as their principal residence.

Basic qualifications:

  • All borrowers MUST BE 62 years of age, or older
  • Must occupy the home as your principal residence
  • No credit, income or health requirements to qualify
  • Social Security and Medicare benefits are not affected
  • No Taxes on cash drawn from reverse mortgage
  • No restrictions on funds usage
  • Property title stays with you
  • You may sell your home at any time without any penalties
  • No repayment for as long as you occupy your home

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HUD information on preparing for your counseling session :

Bi-Lingual Counselor on Korean, and translator available on Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino and Spanish

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